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Monster GT-R R32 - Winner of Open Class 2013 World Time Attack Challenge

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A story which clearly needs to be told is the huge achievement by Steve Arnarellis, Dean Lillie, Paul Cahill, Brett Coventry and the BC Automotive crew and their epic win of the Open Class trophy at the 2013 World Time Attack Challenge.

In a car which has been in development for time attack for a relatively limited amount of time, they went out and dominated the Open Class, winning by .62 of a second with an epic lap of 1:31.798.

A massive congratulations is due to Steve Arnarellis, Dean Lillie, Paul Cahill and crew for their win.

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Dean Lillie both engineered the car and drove the car - a great achievement filling 2 very important roles on the team himself.

Dubbed "The Monster GT-R", the car is a slayer - a car that few might have tipped for the win a few months before the event, but the determination of Steve, Dean, Paul and the entire crew not only made this car a contender, but the trophy winner.

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To put the team's lap of 1:31.798 at WTAC into perspective, even though they were running under the Open Class rules, that time would have placed them second in the next class up Pro Am, and 12th in the top level Pro Class.

When Steve first spoke to us about his goals for the car during development, it was obvious from the get go that here was someone who knew what they wanted to achieve, and who was deadly serious about achieving it. You don't see that kind of determination very often, but it was there in spades in Steve's voice, and in his actions over the coming months.

To give an indication of how much the car's times improved during development, in March 2012 it was running in the 1:43's at Phillip Island, but development of the car over the next few months saw that time tumble to a very very quick 1:36 at Phillip Island.

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A few weeks after the WTAC win, Steve and the crew headed back to Phillip Island for the Australian Supersprint Championship, where they posted a 1:33.3 (with a top speed of 302.2 km/h) to win their class and place 4th overall.

Steve told about the WTAC win, "At the end of the day, we all love what we do, which is why it works". It also takes a massive amount of hard work, incredibly long hours and supreme dedication to the goal to win, and that is something that Steve and his team deserve recognition for.

Hats off to Steve, Dean, Paul, Brett and the entire crew - you've done exactly what you set out to achieve, achieved times which some thought could not be done, and you've done it while maintaining an exemplary level of sportsmanship and love for the sport.

As you can see (and hear) in the video below, Dean was one very pleased guy with the well deserved result.

The images in this article are by photographer Robert Parr. You can find Robert's website at