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Synth19 Ginash George Honda Acura NSX

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This NSX is a perfect example of an NSX done right.

This car is owned by US based modifier Ginash George. Ginash's previous project car was an incredible 2003 Nissan 350Z project car which was featured in Turbo Magazine, in an article on and in this article on

So it's very clear that when it comes to modifying Japanese cars the right way. Ginash definitely knows how to build a car right.

Ginash's new project is this incredible NSX which he is detailing the build of on the Synth19 Blog.

untitled image

Tying in with the beautiful Imola Orange Pearl paintwork, Ginash has fitted a Works Bell Rapfix II Quick Release and Team Orange Works Bell Steering Wheel, along with a Works Bell short boss for Honda NSX.

untitled image

The car also has had a number of modifications made to it, including a very rare stainless steel and titanium exhaust system, and an ultra rare Zanardi edition NSX shift knob (from the limited edition of 50 Zanardi NSX's sold in the United States), with a unique mesh shift boot complete with carbon fiber trim from the JDM spec 2002 NA2 NSX-R.

Congratulations to Ginash on an incredible build, and we look forward to seeing what's next for his incredible NSX.

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