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Feedback from our customers

We only sell high quality parts, so we aim to match the very high quality of our parts with very high quality customer service.

Here are some comments received from some of our customers ...

Comment from James L., NSW Australia:

"Thanks for the prompt response and great customer service.

It's great to have someone on the other end that can provide a complete response.

I have found with other importers, they either don't reply, don't give a clear reply or just use an automated response to queries which require a more detailed response.

In the case of The Tuners Group all my queries have been answered completely, clearly and in a prompt manner, so thanks for that."

Comment from Michael W, SA, Australia:

"Again, your service is outstanding.

Quick replies to all inquiries, and equally importantly, being kept in the loop throughout the whole process.

I can say for certain that your service is the best I've experienced, regardless of the industry."

Comment from David M, Sydney Australia:

"I have received the goods and i'm very impressed your service.

I wouldn't hesitate in recommending you to others."

Comment from Jared C., Queensland Australia:

"Thanks heaps for your help.

This is the sort of service I'm happy to pay for ...

I have to say, out of all the retailers I've dealt with, The Tuners Group has been easily the best, no bull."

Comment from Michael W, SA, Australia:

"I took delivery of the steering wheel this morning. It arrived undamaged and in perfect condition.

I'd like to thank you again for such impeccable service. I will have no hesitation recommending you to anyone interested in your services and products."

Comment from James P, SA, Australia:

"Just a quick note to let you know I have received my order today.
Its all there and looks awesome,

Will send you some pics once car is finished.
Thanks again for your great service and support."

Comment from Jakob A., Germany:

"Your shop has a great customer service, because honestly i never got a personalized reply that quickly from one of the shops i placed my order.

Great shop and great service"

Comment from Jared C., Queensland Australia:

"Got my gear in good condition and excellent time.

Over 9000 points to the guys at The Tuners Group, their service and help was beyond exemplary, they were happy to go way above and beyond the usual 'pay online and product turns up' that some other retailers are like.

I'll definitely be purchasing from you guys again. :)

I won't be parting with my Team Orange Steering Wheel for love or money. Every time I get in my car, it's like awesome all over again.

It's probably the most needlessly opulent, yet most totally satisfying thing I've ever bought for my car."

Comment from John D., Australia:

"Thanks heaps for the follow up...awesome to see that some automotive businesses around still have good quality customer service :)

Very happy with everything so far and no doubt will be more than happy with the product.

Thanks once again"

Comment from Bradley S., Australia:

"Your service, willingness to help, and knowledge is second to none !

Again, thanks for your professionalism and extent of knowledge."