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Works Bell Paddle Shifter NEO BMW E90 / E91 / E92 / E93 3 Series DCT SMG Steptronic Step-Tronic Including M3 Paddleshifter Paddle Shift Paddleshift

Price: Australian $616.00 (approx US$473)

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Product Info

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This kit is for BMW 3 series E90 with SMG / Steptronic tranmission.

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Which BMW 3 Series E90 Can This Kit Be Used On ?

Please contact us to verify if this kit can be used on your car. BMW built the E90 in the following models:


Works Bell's History - 60 Years Of Cutting Edge Innovation & World Class Manufacturing

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Works Bell is recognised worldwide as the premium manufacturer of the world's very finest quality steering quick releases, steering wheel boss kits, steering wheel spacers, and paddle shifters.

Founded in 1950 in Tokyo as "Miyashita Manufacturing Co. Ltd", Works Bell has a 60 year history with a reputation for the finest engineering and innovation.

As far back as 1969, Miyashita Manufacturing were doing fabrication work for both Momo and Nardi.

All Works Bell steering bosses, paddle shifters and quick releases are precision made at Works Bell's cutting edge production facility in Nagano Japan by highly skilled engineers and fabricators.

Though previously better known in Japan and Japanese modifying and racing circles than elsewhere around the world, Works Bell's products have recently appeared on everything from rally cars, time attack cars, Dakar style off road racers, in the V8 Supercar series in Australia, on open wheeler racers, as OEM equipment and aftermarket equipment, and on a wide range of Japanese, American and European vehicles all over the globe.

Quite simply, racers around the globe are now discovering in Works Bell what racers at the very highest levels in Japan have known for years.

We are one of only two factory authorised exclusive national distributors for Works Bell worldwide outside of Japan.

Works Bell invented and holds a huge portfolio of patents for automotive innovations, including the patents for ... harness bosses for car use, the convertible long handle boss, the 24 hole boss spacer, the crushable boss, air passage through headlight housing, jumper parts to silence airbags warnings, the full harness seat belt, the steering wheel boss anti-theft cap, the seat position sensor, auxillary parts for removing the steering wheel, the shift switch, and the steering wheel contact coupler.

In 2001 Works Bell invented and patented the ball lock steering wheel quick release. Works Bell holds numerous patents including the patent for ball lock quick release systems. Works Bell quick releases are the original, genuine, real deal products.

Works Bell are members of SEMA (Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association), ASEA (Japanese Autosports & Special Equipment Association), NAPAC (Nippon Auto Parts Aftermarket Committee) and AAAL (Automotive Aftermarket Action League).

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Category: Paddle Shifters

Manufacturer: Works Bell

Model: Works Bell Paddle Shifter NEO BMW E90 / E91 / E92 / E93 3 Series DCT SMG Steptronic Step-Tronic Including M3 Paddleshifter Paddle Shift Paddleshift

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