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Works Bell Paddle Shifter Bundle For Honda Fit / Jazz GE8


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We are one of only two factory authorised exclusive national distributors for Works Bell worldwide outside of Japan.

Product Info

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Following requests from a number of our customers for a paddle shifter for the Honda Fit / Jazz GE8 that can be used with aftermarket steering wheels, The Tuners Group is now pleased to offer a special product bundle of parts to install an aftermarket paddle shifter on your Honda Fit / Jazz GE8.

This product bundle includes a high quality Works Bell Steering Boss and Works Bell Paddle Shifter unit.

You can match it with an aftermarket steering wheel. Information on steering wheel compatibility can be found further down this page.

A version of this bundle is also available with a Works Bell Steering Quick Release to produce a setup where the paddles detach from the steering column with the steering wheel - see below for more info.

Does your car have a button on the factory steering wheel to activate the manual mode ?

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If your car has a switch on the factory steering wheel to activate the manual mode on the semi-sequential transmission, a steering wheel button plate / switch plate can be used which you can find here ...

Can I Keep My Cruise Control ?

Yes you can.

If you car has cruise control buttons on your factory steering wheel, you can keep control of your cruise control system once the paddle shifter is installed by using a Works Bell Auto Cruise Switch Kit which you can find here ...

Can These Parts Be Used With A Steering Quick Release ?

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Yes it can.

If you have seen our detachable paddle shifter setups for the Nissan R35 GT-R and other cars, you'll know we are the experts in paddle shifters and detachable paddle shifter setups.

Just like our Paddle Shifter and Quick Release bundles for the R35 GT-R, a similar setup for the Jazz / Fit GE8 is available.

With the detachable paddle shifter option, the paddle shifter and quick release can be removed from your car.

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The paddle shifter for the GE8 is compatible with the Works Bell Rapfix II Quick Release and can also be used with the tilting Works Bell Rapfix GTC and GTC Hybrid Quick Releases.

If you would like to use a quick release with the paddle shifter, click here for the detachable version of this kit ...

Full product information on the Works Bell Rapfix II Quick Release can be found here ...

Please advise us when ordering about which colour of Rapfix II Quick Release you want. The colour options can be viewed here ...

Do I Need The Short Boss Or The Standard Length Boss ?

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Two different lengths of boss kits are available in this bundle. A short boss and a standard length boss.

If you want to have the steering wheel and paddle shifter detachable by using a Works Bell Steering Quick Release, you need the short boss.

The short boss should only be used if you are fitting the parts with a quick release.

The short boss is not designed to have a steering wheel bolted to the short boss.

If you are fitting the parts without a quick release, then you should order the standard length boss, not the short boss.

More Info

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Developed by a collaboration between Works Bell and Night-Pager (Keihin Exact Mill Ltd) in Japan, the Works Bell Paddle Shifter NEO allows you to shift without moving your hands from the steering wheel.

The Works Bell Paddle Shifter NEO places specially designed ergonomic carbon fibre paddles behind your steering wheel. You can shift gears just like an F1 car with a 7mm stroke of the precision engineered paddles or use it to free your hands from "push to use" style steering wheel mounted buttons in racing applications.

The carefully made, beautifully detailed Paddle Shifter is composed of machined aluminium alloy and finished with a very hard wearing Alumite treatment.

untitled image

Shown above, a close up view of the incredibly detailed carbon fibre work on the carbon fibre paddles.

The carbon fibre paddles are adjustable to match the size of your hand or steering wheel by up to 15 mm on each side.

The adjustment range allows for distances between the outer edges of the paddles of 270mm to 304mm.

The microswitch wiring is beautifully concealed within the shift mechanism for a perfect finish.

The Paddle Shifter NEO is 100% engineered and manufactured in Japan, with the kind of quality and precision only found in genuine Japanese made products.

The Paddle Shifter NEO ships with a length of wiring installed, ready to be adapted to your application, so you don't need to mess around soldering wiring to the microswitches - it's already done.

Your installer will need to connect the preinstalled wiring from the paddle shifter to your car's factory wiring, so installation by a qualified auto electrical engineer / auto electrician is recommended.

Installation should only be carried out by a qualified auto electrical engineer / auto electrician.

The Paddle Shifter mechanism ships with a short length of wiring preinstalled and soldered to the microswitches, but as this is a racing product, the pre-installed wiring may need to be lengthened by your installer to suit your vehicle.

See Works Bell Paddle Shifters in action in these videos

untitled image

Click on the image above to view an online video of the Works Bell Paddle Shifter Neo Kit being demonstrated by Japanese driver Toshiki Yoshioka.

As you can see in the video, Yoshioka-san's car has a manual transmission, but he uses the paddle shifter kit to trigger the nitrous in his mind blowing AE86 drift car.

To read about Yoshioka's incredible drift win in Las Vegas, where he stunned the US drifting community by winning in only his second event in the US, click here.

untitled image

Click on the image above to view a video of the Works Bell Paddle Shifter being demonstrated in use in a Nissan 350Z Z33.

Steering Wheel Compatibility

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The Paddle Shifter NEO is compatible with both 6 bolt Momo bolt pattern and 6 bolt Nardi bolt pattern steering wheels, and can be used with competition style 3 bolt steering wheels by using a pair of the Works Bell 6H 3 bolt to 6 bolt steering wheel bolt pattern adapter.

It is also compatible of course with all Works Bell Steering Wheels including the Works Bell Original Steering Wheel, the Works Bell Team Orange Steering Wheel, and the Works Bell Yoshioka Steering Wheel.

We can supply a range of compatible steering wheels including 6 bolt steering wheels from Works Bell, Nardi, Personal and Sparco and a range of 3 bolt Momo Racing Collection steering wheels.

Click here to see our range of steering wheels.

This product bundle is not compatible with the Honda factory airbag steering wheel.

For more detailed information about Works Bell Paddle Shifters, please click here

Our Pricing

We are one of only two authorised Works Bell distributors worldwide outside of Japan.

Our ex-tax pricing on Works Bell products is equivalent to or less than the price that this product sells for in Japan where it is made. So by purchasing from us you get true Japanese market pricing, without the cost of an plane ticket to Tokyo !

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