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Oryx Camber Gauge

Price: Australian$99.00

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Product Info

untitled image

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The Oryx Camber Gauge is a precision built extruded aluminium tool, which allows you to measure the camber angle of your car's wheels and is an indispensible tool for adjusting your car's camber angles at the racetrack, setting up your car's suspension or any time you reassemble or make changes to your car's suspension.

It is designed and manufactured in Australia from extruded aluminium with a clear anodised finish, and is fitted with a precision level made in USA.

The innovative design of the Oryx Camber Guage means that it does not require batteries as it uses a precision spirit level, so it is always there ready to use, without the need to replace flat batteries.


Watch the demo video

Click above to watch the video demo of the Oryx Camber GaugeClick above to watch the video demo of the Oryx Camber Gauge

Category: Tools

Manufacturer: Oryx Engineering

Model: Oryx Camber Gauge

created on 2012-09-13 04:07:57 by TTG