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Farringdon Instruments FD20 Data Logger

Price: Australian $

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The Farringdon FD20 Data Logger is a 20 channel motorsport datalogger engineered to operate reliably in the harsh environment of a racing car.

Built to last

The FD20 data logger is built with quality and robustness, with a machined aluminium billet aluminium housing, a testament to the ethos that Farringdon builds into all it's products. All Farringdon's manufacturing is carried out in the UK.

High sampling rates to log the data you need to improve your lap times

The FD20 has a very high sample rate, with all 20 channels able to be sampled 500 times per second. So for a 2 minute lap for example, you are able to log 60,000 data points per channel. One of the huge advantages of this high sample rate is that it gives you the ability to log and analyze fast changing parameters with ease, like suspension travel, giving you the fine grained data required for proper analysis of what your suspension is really doing ... your suspension engineer will love you for this kind of data.

Say goodbye to the download cable and laptop balancing

Data is recorded on an SD Flash card like those used in digital cameras, which means that you have flexible options in terms of the card sizes to meet your logging needs. The flash card is secured in the datalogger using a hinged machined alloy cover hatch with a thumbscrew to keep everything securely in place in high vibration environments.

Instead of having to plug a laptop into the car to download the data from the logger, you simply open the secure cover hatch on the logger, pop the flash card out, then plug the flash card into your laptop or card reader. Anyone who has ever tried to balance a laptop on the curved surfaces of an openwheeler to download data, or on the wet and slippery surfaces of a car on a rain affected track day will really appreciate the benefits of making download leads and balancing a lap top on a slippery car things of the past.

Included Data Analysis Software

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Written for Farringdon by PolyLogic Limited, Podium Flash data analysis software is included with the FD20 Logger and provides comprehensive tools for analysing data from the FD20 Logger.

Graphs, charts, reports and tables are available as shown above.

Combine it with the St Cross FISW-X Steering Wheel for the ultimate setup

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Designed to grow with you as your needs evolve, the Farringdon FD20 Datalogger can be combined and connected with the St Cross FISW-X Steering Wheel to create the ultimate cockpit display and datalogging system.

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The FD20 Dataloggger can also be connected to the Farringdon Instruments RCA60 Lap Timer or the Farringdon RCA65 Lap Timer & Perfomance Monitor With Delta Function. Click on these links for more info about these two outstanding lap timers ...

FD20 Data Logger Specifications

Category: Data Loggers And Lap Timers

Manufacturer: Farringdon Instruments

Model: Farringdon Instruments FD20 Data Logger

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