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Racing Paddle Shifter For Audi TT, TT-S, VW Golf

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Many drivers of Audi's and VW's have contacted us over the last few months asking if we could develop paddle shifter systems and quick release setups for their cars, similar to our systems for Nissan's, Toyota's, BMW's, Porsche's and others.

We've been working on those requests and now have paddle shifters, standard length steering bosses / hubs, and short steering bosses / hubs available for a wide range of Audi's and VW's.

Shown above is one of our detachable paddle shifter systems installed in an Audi TT-S.

So if you have an Audi or VW, or have a friend who does, we can now supply standard length steering bosses, short bosses with a quick release, non-detachable paddle shifters, and detachable paddle shifters with a quick release, for a wide range of Audi & VW vehicles.

Please contact us for pricing and enquiries

created on 2010-02-03 09:32:02 by adamr