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BBS Wheels

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The Tuners Group is an authorised dealer for BBS Wheels. We are supplied by the BBS factory distribution channel.

We are able to supply the full range of BBS Road Wheels and BBS Racing Motorsport Wheels.

Each and every BBS product is the result of more than merely state-of-the-art engineering and highly innovative production methods.

It is also the essence of 35 years of involvement in international motorsport.

This solid background is what makes our products so unique.

And our enthusiasm for first-class products influences everything we do, from our development and manufacturing processes to our finishing methods. All with the singular goal of achieving the perfect result.

Below you can find info on our range of BBS Racing Wheels, BBS Road Wheels, and also some videos showing rare glimpses behind the scenes at BBS.

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About BBS

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For decades now, BBS has been the wheel of champions dominating international racing competitions around the world. Whether it be Formula One, the Nürburgring 24-hours race, the WTCC or the FIA GT Championship, we are constantly leading the way - today and in the future.

BBS are proud of their motorsport achievements. Not just because they continually confirm our belief in high performance, but also because they test our technologies to the limit and prove time and time again that we consistently and successfully develop wheels that are optimised to the conditions of the road.

BBS Racing Wheels For Motorsport

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BBS has been producing racing wheels for more than 35 years.

Hobby racers as well as Formula 1 drivers profit by this extraordinary know-how - and so does everybody who uses original BBS racing wheels.

BBS racing wheels are 3-piece-wheels with centre section made of magnesium alloy or forged aluminium, and rim halves made from high quality aluminium.

BBS racing wheels offer the highest quality and the possibility of a completely order-based production, individualy specified for the cars needs.

BBS E88 Racing Wheels

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Shown above is the BBS E88 Racing Wheel.

The new centre-section features 24 bolts to fix the rim halves.

BBS E88 wheels are available for 4-bolt-, 5-bolt- or centrelock-mounting.

The E88 wheel centre is milled from a forged aluminium blank.

By precise milling the wheel centre can be made even lighter than the cast magnesium E28 BBS wheels. The difference in weight of the centre is about 200 g.

BBS E88 Racing Wheels are available in a wide range of offsets and widths and the following diameters:

Available BBS Racing Wheels include:

BBS Road Wheels

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BBS's passion stems from a field in which things are measured to one hundredth of a second – motorsport, which has been BBS's main source of inspiration since 1972.

But while BBS love motor racing, what they love more than anything is the open road, wherever it is in the world.

Available road wheels include:

Browse The BBS Road Wheel Range

You can browse the BBS road wheel range by:

Try for size

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Click on the link below to explore which BBS wheels look best on your vehicle. You can also upload a photo of your vehicle and try on your BBS light alloy wheels of choice for size ...

View Individual BBS Wheels

Click here to browse 2D and rotatable 3D images of BBS road wheels ...

BBS Wheels Videos

We have 3 videos available about BBS ...

Interview with John Slagle, BBS's Director of Motorsport and Engineering

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The first video is an interview with John Slagle, BBS's Director of Motorsport and Engineering, with some very interesting info about BBS's philosophy and history of building road and racing wheels.

Click here or on the video above to play it ...

BBS Manufacturing & Technology Video

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The second video is a rare behind the scenes tour of the BBS factory and BBS's manufacturing and technology

Click here or on the video above to play it ...

BBS Video (in Japanese)

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The third video is in Japanese, but also interesting whether you speak Japanese or not.

Click here or on the video above to play it ...

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