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NOTE: In the first two videos below, Fogmaker is run in manual mode instead of automatic mode and the fire is intentionally allowed to burn for a period of time before activating the Fogmaker system, to demontrate the effectiveness of Fogmaker's water mist system at extinguishing fires. Of course with Fogmaker running in automatic mode, the Fogmaker system would activate much much earlier.

In the video above, an initial fuel fire is lit, then at 1 min 24 seconds, an additional fuel source of fuel spray is added to intensify the fire. The gas temperatures then rises very quickly to 893 degrees C. At 1 min 36 seconds the Fogmaker system is manually triggered to extinguish the fire in seconds.

The video above is in accordance with the Swedish test standard SP test no 5. IN this video, the fire is intentionally allowed to intensify and burns for 2 minutes. At 1 minute and 3 seconds into the video, the Fogmaker system is manually activated, extinguishing this fierce fire in seconds.

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