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K-M-P Paddleshift Kit For Porsche 996 & 997 Race Cars

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The K-M-P Paddleshift Porsche system is a high quality pneumatic system specially designed for Porsche 996 and 997 racecars. All the components are designed to fit directly into a Porsche 996/997 racing car.

What's in the kit ?

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The K-M-P Paddleshift Porsche system includes:

Paddleshift Central unit:

Paddleshift High-End compressor:

Paddleshift Paddle assembly:

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Paddleshift throttle blipper with special Porsche specific bracket:

Paddleshift shift actuator with brackets:

High spec autosport wiring loom:

More Info

Additional info including an in car demo video and additional technical information on the system for the 997 can be viewed here ...

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