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Molnar Hoists

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The Tuners Group are very pleased to announce that we can now supply high quality vehicles hoists made by the Australian manufacturer Molnar.

Whether you're looking for:

Molnar has a solution to suit your needs.

Molnar was founded in 1951 and has over the last 59 years become Australia's largest hydraulic hoist manufacturer.

Molnar hoists are Australian made, Australian owned and Australian designed.

Fitting at your home workshop or business can also be arranged.

Molnar's history

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The Molnar Story from a humble beginning in 1951 to Australia's largest hydraulic hoist manufacturer.

Back in 1951, the new business trading as Green Dragon Steering and Wheel Alignment opened its doors to the public. Operating out of an old stone building in Pultney Street, Green Dragon specialised in wheel alignment, wheel balancing and chassis straightening. In a short time, the stone building was replaced with a new workshop and an additional four people had been employed after only three months of trading. Business increased even further and Green Dragon outgrew the Pultney Street Workshop.

In the early 1960's larger premises in Gilbert Street were acquired where early development on Australia's first Two Post Hoist began. Hoist sales increased rapidly and the Molnar Two Post Hoist was patented in 1972.

As the hoist business began, Molnar Engineering Ptd Ltd grew again and acquired a larger premises - this time at Brompton. Today Molnar Engineering's major products are Hydraulic Two Post and Four Post Hoists and Platform Lifts and Car Parking Hoists and relevant accessories. Molnar Engineering Pty Ltd products are exported to Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Sub Continent and Pacific Regions.

Molnar Products

Please see below for information on the range of Molnar products ...

Molnar Scissor Lift

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An ideal unit for small spaces and home workshops, the Molnar Scissor Lift could help improve your output.

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Click here for more info on the Molnar Scissor Lift:

Two Post Hoists

Molnar Engineering manufacture a variety of two post hoists. Our two post hoists are powder coated and come with a three year guarantee

Molnar 2P4T PremiumMolnar 2P4T Premium

The 2P4T Premium 4 tonne 2 post hoist is built for strength and durability to suit larger and heavier vehicles. Fully laden, it lifts faster than any other!

Molnar Two Post HoistMolnar Two Post Hoist

The Molnar Two Post Hoist is specifically designed for Australian conditions and complies with the Australian standard 1418.9-1987.

Other 2 post hoists available include:

Click here for more info about the Molnar 2 post 3 Tonne Base Hoist ...

Click here for more info about the Molnar 2 post 3 Tonne Clear Floor Hoist Overhead Lift ...

Please contact us for pricing and enquiries

Four Post Hoists - 44 88 Series

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Molnar Engineering manufacture a variety of four post hoists. Our two post hoists are powder coated and come with a three year guarantee.

Models available include:

Please contact us for pricing and enquiries

Platform Lift - PL92

Molnar Platform LiftMolnar Platform Lift

The Molnar Platform lift is a space saving, wheel free lift that has many advantages and can easily be located in areas outside and inside the workshop.

Ideal for tyre dealers, Brake Specialists and Panel Repairers.


The lift can be located inside or outside the workshop area. It has been purposely designed to give versatility and profitability to many automotive workshop situations such as tyre dealers, brake specialists and panel repairers.

The Molnar Platform Lift embodies features that make it one of the most up to date on the market. It has extra long removable run-up ramps to cater for all types of vehicles, from small to four wheel drive or vehicles with low clearance.

The lift is provided with a mechanical safety device using five settings to suit all applications.

Operation of the lift is Electro/Hydraulic for a long trouble free operation period.

For Outside Installation features include:
Quick release hydraulic hose connection.
Run-up ramps anti-theft locks.
Simple easy installation with 240v power connection.

Service & Installation

All vehicle lifts are supplied complete with service manuals and installation instructions.

Please contact us for pricing and enquiries

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