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The Fogmaker system is the next generation in competition vehicle fire safety systems and is now available from The Tuners Group.

Developed and manufactured with high quality and precision workmanship in Sweden, the Fogmaker system carries full FIA approval and is smaller, lighter and more compact than conventional foam fire systems.

Fogmaker was founded in 1995, and has 19 years of experience manufacturing these innovative vehicle fire fighting systems.

Fogmaker uses a fire extinguishing media made up of water and a special environmentally friendly AFFF foam that helps extinguish fuel and oil based fires quickly.

The water and foam solution is stored under high pressure and combined with special spray nozzles create microscopic droplets with an average size of of 50 microns (five-thousandths of a millimetre, 0.005 mm) - a mist or fog. To put the micro drop size into perspective, 8000 of these micro drops would fit into one drop with a diameter of 1mm.

Fogmaker's innovative technology is widely used with over 80,000 systems installed worldwide.

Fogmaker is approved by FIA (97-001), EU directive 94/25/EG, SBF128, SBF 127, & Bureau VERITAS standards.

Who uses Fogmaker ?

With thousands of systems installed all over the world, Fogmaker is proven technology that protects weekend racers, professional racing teams, and many of the world's leading manufacturers.

Fogmaker clients include Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Scania, Westrac Cat, Komatsu and numerous public transport authorities.

Features & Technology Innovation Overview

Fogmaker carries full FIA approval for use in motorsport. Fogmaker's FIA Homologation Number is EX.001.97

Fogmaker's features include:

- Patented piston accumulator construction does not require electrical power to function

- Cooling and fire defeating water mist with AFFF firefighting foam, deployed as a mist of high pressure micro droplets

- Automatic activation in a fire so the system works automatically, even if a driver is dazed or disoriented after a racing incident

- Patented construction means the extinguisher can always be fully emptied in a fire.

- Lightweight but extremely strong anodised, high pressure European built cylinders, corrosion protected for even the toughest environments.

- Nozzles can be installed in both the engine bay and the driver's compartment / cockpit, to provide protection from heat for both the engine bay and the driver - The extinguisher can be installed horizontally or vertically.

- Minimum requirements for cleaning-up after a fire

- Mechanical, manual and automatic actuation options

- Options for Antifreeze extinguishing agent (-35 degrees C)

How it works - patented water micro droplet technology combined with AFFF foam to extinguish fires

In addition to the automatic pneumatic activation method shown above, Fogmaker can also be triggered manually or with a combination of three activation methods. So in the event of a fire incident where the driver is dazed by an impact, Fogmaker still works automatically and puts the fire out, without any input required from the driver.

The Fogmaker system takes a triple pronged approach to putting fires out:

- Flame cooling

- Oxygen displacement

- Heat radiation reduction

Fogmaker has developed a high pressure extinguisher system (running at 100 bar) that functions like a piston accumulator. The pressure based system does not require electricity to function, so if your car's electrics or battery are damaged in a racing incident, Fogmaker still works. Fogmaker also still works if your car is rolled over on it's roof and the fogmaker system can be installed vertically, horizontally or at an angle for simple packaging in your racecar.

The fire extinguishing media is made up of water and a special environmentally friendly foam that helps extinguish fuel and oil based fires quickly. Water mist with AFFF foam under high pressure is known to be a superior firefighter media in engine compartments.

It takes 1 calorie of energy to heat 1 gram of water to increase it's temperature by 1 degree C, and 540 times more energy to heat the same quantity of water into steam. The rapid heat absorption enables the Fogmaker system to reduce the heat, and this effective cooling contributes to the rapid extinction of the fire and reduces the risk for re-ignition. The water mist also includes an addition of foam that lays a cover over inflammable oil products that tend to collect in engine bays.

Fogmaker's special spray nozzles

Fogmaker's high pressure combined with the special spray nozzles create micro droplets with an average size of of 5 microns (five-thousandths of a millimetre, 0.005 mm) ... a mist or fog.

To put the micro drop size into perspective, 8000 of Fogmaker's micro droplets would fit into one drop of water with a diameter of 1mm. The microscopic size of the droplets massively increases the surface area of the droplets, and just as highly atomised fuel burns better in an engine, highly atomised water and foam is far more efficient at putting fire out than large droplets are.

The micro water drops are immediately vaporized in contact with heat. During vaporization, 1 liter of water creates 1700 liters of water mist. In this way, the Fogmaker system takes massive amounts of energy and heat out of a fire, and uses that energy to vaporise the water.

The water mist increases the water content / humidity of the air and prevents new oxygen supply to the fire. In the vaporization process the water mist cools the smoke, gases and hot objects in the engine compartment.

And of course the Fogmaker system can also be configured to supply a cooling mist to the most important part of any car ... the driver. By adding Fogmaker nozzles to the cockpit of the car, the driver can also be protected by a fine fog of cooling water mist, which helps protect the driver from the heat of a fire. The Fogmaker fog is safe to breathe - it simply consists of water and environmentally friendly AFFF foam

Automated activation - a lifesaving innovation

Automated activation is one of the innovative safety features of the Fogmaker system. If a driver is stunned, injured or semi-conscious after a crash, the driver may not be able to activate a traditional extinguisher system manually. This is one area in which Fogmaker has the edge ...

By using an ingenious yet simple pressurized plastic sensor line, which is pressurised with inert nitrogen, the heat of the fire weakens then ruptures the pressurized sensor line, which causes a mechanical valve to sense the pressure drop and activate the Fogmaker system.

A pressure indicator that gives a sound and visual alarm to the operator is installed on the detector bottle. The system operates independently of power supply, so if the electricity is cut, the Fogmaker system still works - it does not rely on electricity to work.

As soon as the pressurized sensor line detects the heat of the fire, the Fogmaker system starts fighting the fire ... automatically and regardless of whether the driver is able to manually trigger the system or not.

Horizontal or vertical installation, and works if inverted

The patented construction permits the agent tank to be mounted vertically, horizontally or inverted in narrow spaces to save on real-estate. This is also an important safety factor where the system is installed in vehicles that are exposed to the risk of roll over - unlike some types of extinguisher systems, Fogmaker works if the tank is inverted.

The agent tank is anodized, high pressure and corrosion protected for harsh environments, with the distribution network primarily stainless steel with brass nozzles.

Options for activation include automated (pneumatic activation), delayed, manual or a combination of all.

In addition to motorsport usage, Fogmaker has proven itself in many high risk fire environments including on underground mining vehicles, yachts and powerboats, trucks and public transport systems.

Invented by a driver, developed specifically with motorsport in mind

Fogmaker's inventor is a racecar driver. His goal was to invent a fire suppression system that was more secure and effective than the Halon systems, which were about to be banned.

His goal was an environmentally friendly system, with actuation in every position, and extinguishing to prevent re-ignition.

Fogmaker is regarded to be the most efficient fire suppression system on the market in all categories, which contributes to a saver enviroment for race and rally drivers.

The extinguisher can be placed horizontally or vertically, and will empty fully regardless of what orientation it is placed in - a great advantage in the tight packaging requirements of competition cars.

Fogmaker uses European made anodised, high pressure cylinders, which are corrosion protected for even the toughest environments.

And for vehicles which operate in cold environments, options are available for an antifreeze extinguishing agent (-35 degrees C).

Simple cleanup after an activation

If you've ever tried to clean up an engine bay after activating a powder extinguisher, you know what a time consuming and frustrating process that can be. Among other problems, powder based systems can fill allen head fasteners with powder, and some powders can be very agressive on alloy engine components.

By contrast, the Fogmaker system contains water and some AFFF foam - simple and easy to clean up and without the chemical reaction issues of some powder based systems.

See the Fogmaker system in action in these videos

Click on the video above to play

NOTE: In these videos, Fogmaker is run in manual mode instead of automatic mode and the fire is intentionally allowed to burn for a period of time before activating the Fogmaker system, to demontrate the effectiveness of Fogmaker's water mist system at extinguishing fires. Of course with Fogmaker running in automatic mode, the system would activate much much earlier.

Click on the video above to watch the Fogmaker system take on a fuel fire with gas temperatures of 893 degrees C, and put the fire out in seconds, along with other videos about Fogmaker.

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