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St. Cross Electronics

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Formed in 1983 and with over 30 years experience, St. Cross Electronics is dedicated to the manufacture and supply of cable harness assemblies offering our customers the complete interconnect solution and precision built motorsport electronics products.

We have a full range of cable termination tooling from robotic CNC machines to intricate hand tools. We are ISO and UL approved and work to IPC 620 standards. Based in Southampton, UK we manufacture at this site plus also have manufacturing capabilities in Eastern Europe and the Far East.

Quality is KEY!!!! This is an easy catchphrase for some, but for us that has been our motto for 30 years. Without quality we understand we do not have a business. You are only as good as your last delivery. We have held ISO approval since 1990 and hold the coveted UL approval. Everything we produce is 100% electrically tested and inspected so you have the confidence to use straight from delivery.

St. Cross Electronics Products

Steering Wheels

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The FISW-X Steering Wheel integrates an LED display with Gear Shift Paddles and other ECU Control functions into a single system with either a RS232 or CAN Interface.

All components are sourced by St Cross Electronics and built by St Cross Electronics in the UK.

The main features of the system are as follows:

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Motorsport Harnessing

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St. Cross Electronics are one of Europe's leading cable assembly and cable harness manufacturers.

From our years of experience in military harnessing we can offer the service of harnessing for the motorsport industry. We design and manufacture cable assemblies for operating in the harshest of environments utilising Raychem system 25 materials, autosport and military interconnection systems using Daniels tooling.

We can build any type of custom cable assemblies for any type of motorsport wiring application, from full chassis and engine looms to sensors and pit equipment. We work with wires as small as 32AWG to 4/0AWG. Where we excel best is at the design stage, we can help design the cable assemblies around what the customer requires, instead of the customer having to make use of what has already been designed. We have great experience of this from our military background. We can specify connection systems that are superior but not necessarily at a superior cost to the customer. We also have our own CAD design team in house and at the same time can work easily from other drawing packages such as VISIO.

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Over 30 years of business we have invested in some very sophisticated tooling, automated tooling. This is what separates us from our competitors. In quite few instances we can actually engineer the production of a loom so that it is cut, crimped and inspected all by robotic CNC machinery. This tooling investment is way over £500,000 but was only sustainable due to the other market sectors St Cross are involved in. Our operators are trained to Raychem system 25 wiring techniques as well as some defence standards.

We have a very strong team in purchasing who negotiate hard for the best prices and delivery, we work direct with connector and wire manufacturers; we try hard not to use distributors.

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All our hand crimping tooling is calibrated and each one has its own calibration record so we can ensure the manufacturing carried out has no drop off in quality. We also have in house pull off testers, and these results are kept on file for 5 years. All cables from Motorsport Cables are 100% electrically tested using Cirris CH2 testing technology. This enables us to carry out HI POT 4 point testing; again this is recorded and kept on file for 5 years.

We can produce one-offs cable assemblies to full batch quantities, and our flexibility allows us to react quickly in some cases. We have a dedicated team for R&D projects.

Our excellent quality record means that you know that the cable assemblies will work first time when needed.

Please contact us for more info about custom wiring harnesses from St Cross Electronics

Solid State Battery Isolator

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Most FIA race and rally championships require cars to be fitted with a spark-proof master switch to cut off all electrical circuits and stop the engine. The Cartek Battery Isolator meets these requirements. This Battery Isolation system is revolutionary compared to what else is out on the market.

The Solid State Isolator contains two isolation circuits. The first breaks the connection between the negative side of the vehicle’s battery from chassis/earth, thereby isolating the battery power, while the second cuts power to the engine electrics and thereby stops the engine from running.

Solid State means no moving parts - all power switching is fully electronic.

Please contact us for more info about the Solid State Battery Isolator.

FIA Approved LED Rainlight

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This is the first, and only, rain light in the world that has been specifically designed to meet the new FIA specification introduced in 2008 and that has passed the required FIA tests for light intensity, beam angle and heat resistance.

Cartek are especially proud as they have managed to meet all the requirements in a unit which measures just 57mmX90mm, weighs only 153g and draws less than 200mA at 12v. Further more, this performance has been achieved with just 15 LEDs by careful sourcing of ultra bright, wide-angle, multi-chip LEDs from Japan.

Attention has also been made to the construction of the unit to make it physically robust to withstand the harsh environment of the race car. The unit can also be supplied in traditional 'static' form or 3Hz flashing.

Please contact us for more info about about the FIA Approved LED Rain Light.

Electronic Rain Light Switch

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The new Electronic Rain Light Switch from Cartek allows a driver to quickly switch their existing, rear mounted, rain light to hazard warning flashing if they suddenly find themselves in a dangerous situation, dramatically reducing the chance of a very common, yet potentially very dangerous, type of accident.

A common, but extremely hazardous, situation is when a driver stalls their engine on the grid at the start of a race. The usual course of action is for the driver to frantically wave their hands in the air hoping that the cars approaching from behind may notice but, all too often, do not until it is too late to avoid collision.

With the Electronic Rain Light Switch the driver can now instantly alert the approaching cars by flicking on the rain light to a rapid flashing mode which will not only be considerably more noticeable but also allows the driver to keep their arms inside the car and set about re-starting their engine.

Other situations when the driver may wish to put their rain light into hazard warning mode include limping around the circuit with a puncture or other car problem or to indicate to drivers of a red flag situation.

Please contact us for more info about the Electronic Rain Light Switch.

Precision manufacturing done right ... the St. Cross Electronics advantage

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By concentrating our resources on the development of modern production techniques and investing heavily in staff training we can offer a wide range of cable harnesses and sub-assemblies to the right standard, at the right price and, most importantly, on time.

Since 1983, we have developed close relationships with many of our customers. We work best when we form a partnership that goes beyond the normal relationship between customer and a third party supplier.

Our skill and experience and our continued investment in technology and people mean that we can make the commitment to our customers that we are one of the most cost effective producers of high quality cable assemblies in Europe.

Our tried and tested MRP II system allows us to offer these assemblies at the right price in a time scale to meet our customers production schedules.

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Our factory is based in Southampton, UK and we have a vast range of tooling, semi-automatic and automatic, that is supported by most connector manufacturers including JST, Molex, Berg and Tyco.

At St. Cross we realise that our cable assemblies are only part of our customers' finished product. This means that quality and reliability must never be in question. We have made a major investment in the development of a comprehensive quality control system that covers every activity within our organisation. Our quality assurance procedures have been fully approved to ISO 9001:2000, ISO14001:2004 and OHSAS180001 and are audited by ISOQAR who are UKAS registered.

At St. Cross Electronics we are perfectly placed to operate as an extension to your own production facility, increasing your capacity without compromising on quality.

We can supply Cables, Interconnect Jumpers and Connectors in every conceivable combination and for every application.

Contact us at the design stage and we may save you time, money and effort.

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