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Detachable Paddle Shifter Kit For Honda Jazz / Fit GE8 Now Available

untitled image

Now available from The Tuners Group are Works Bell Paddle Shifter and Quick Release product bundles for the Honda Jazz / Fit GE8.

This new system for the Jazz / Fit follows on from our world renowned detachable paddle shifter kits for the Nissan Skyline R35 GT-R (as seen on the Pilatus R35, and numerous time attack and tarmac rally R35's), the Porsche Boxster, Cayman and others.

untitled image

Click here for the new detachable paddle shifter kit for the Honda Jazz / Fit GE8 ...

created on 2013-05-20 by adamr.

Aquamist HFS4 Water Injection Systems Now Available

The Aquamist HFS3 Water Injection SystemThe Aquamist HFS3 Water Injection System

Since the introduction of Water Injection Systems with fuel flow tracking by Aquamist in 2003, this method has truly earned its position in the performance industry as the most effective method to meter water/methanol flow for delivering predictable and consistent power.

In order to keep up to date with the fast pace of direct injection (Di) systems, we have refined the engine load detection circuitry to extract and process more engine load information. The newly revised algorithm of the HFS-4 reads fuel-IDC, high pressure fuel-line pressure and manifold pressure (boost).

Click here for more info on the HFS4 system ...

created on 2013-04-11 by TTG.

Meet the Infinity Signs Evo X Time Attack & Drag Car

untitled image

If you're a fan of our customer cars gallery, you'll want to check out the latest addition to the family ... the Infinity Signs Evo X time attack & drag car.

Paddle Shifter and Quick Release bundle for Evo X with optional Flipper release collar installed in one of our customers' Evo X Paddle Shifter and Quick Release bundle for Evo X with optional Flipper release collar installed in one of our customers' Evo X

This car is sponsored by The Tuners Group and by Works Bell.

Starting out as a drag racing car the car is now being developed for time attack racing. It will continue to be used at the drag strip as well, with different aero configurations available depending on whether it is running on the circuit or down the quarter mile.

It is also running one of our new detachable paddle shifter systems for the Evo X, for fast gearchanges and the convenience of detachable paddles and steering wheel.

It's seriously quick, and has run a 10.83 at 127.88mph down the quarter mile.

Click here to check out this car in our customer cars gallery ...

created on 2013-03-28 by TTG.

Farringdon Instruments lap timers and data loggers now available from The Tuners Group

untitled image untitled image untitled image

The Tuners Group is very pleased to announce that we are now able to supply you with the outstanding high quality range of lap timers and data loggers from UK based manufacturer Farringdon Instruments.

Established in 1998, Farringdon has always prided itself on designing and manufacturing affordable high quality products that meet the requirements of club and professional competitors.

The Performance Monitor function shows you in real time if your current lap is slower or faster than your best lap, and by how much time (delta)The Performance Monitor function shows you in real time if your current lap is slower or faster than your best lap, and by how much time (delta)

The Farringdon lap timers are very high quality units in built to last machined billet aluminium housings.

The Performance Monitor function in the RCA 65 model shows you in real time if your current lap is slower or faster than your best lap, and by how much time (delta).

So you can instantly see whether a new line or set-up change is faster. If the car is slower after a setup change during testing, your driver can see this rightaway and back out of the throttle instead of chewing up the tyres. It is also fantastic for qualifying, as your driver can see in real time if the current lap is slower or faster than the best lap.

untitled image

For drivers who want to step up to the benefits of a data logger, Farringdon's FD20 Data Logger boasts a machined aluminium billet aluminium housing, a very high sample rate, with all 20 channels able to be sampled 500 times per second, with data recorded on an SD Flash card like those used in digital cameras, which means that you have flexible options in terms of the card sizes to meet your logging needs.

Included with the FD20 logger is Podium Flash data analysis software written for Farringdon by PolyLogic Limited which provides comprehensive tools for analysing data from the FD20 Logger including graphs, charts, reports and tables to get the most from your data.

Click here to learn why a Farringdon lap timer or data logger is the winning choice for your car and to order one of these amazing lap timers or data loggers for your car ...

created on 2013-03-26 by TTG.

Paddle Shifter Fitted to Honda Jazz / Fit GE8

untitled image

We received the photo above today from one of our customers who has just fitted one of our Works Bell Paddle Shifters for the Honda Jazz / Fit GE8 to his car.

As you can see above, it's a great setup with the Momo steering wheel.

You can find our paddle shifters for the Jazz / Fit GE8 here ...

Our range of paddle shifters for other cars including many Japanese makes as well as Porsche and BMW can be found here ...

created on 2013-03-26 by TTG.

Driving The Pilatus R35

untitled image

We stumbled across a great article today on the Any Given Reason blog today titled "Driven – The 700hp carbon clad R35 GTR".

It's a great article by Andrew Coles about what it's like to be thrown the keys to one of the most hardcore road registered tarmac rally cars in Australia and one of our best known customers' cars, the Pilatus R35.

untitled image

The Pilatus R35 was the very first car in the world to receive one of our detachable paddle shifter systems for the R35. The car in Seb's very capable hands won the Mt Alma Mile, has carbon composite brake disks, and is road registered.

The article starts out with ...

"‘Do you want to have a drive?’ When this question is asked of me, the answer is almost always invariably ‘yes’, said without a moments hesitation. But when this completely unexpected question was asked in relation to Seb’s R35 GTR, my initial reaction was a strange combination of extreme trepidation, nervousness and excitement."

One of our favourite lines from the article is this ...

"I was lucky enough to spend about an hour behind the wheel, however this car is simply too fast for the public road so my time was mostly limited to the kind of motoring that doesn’t really require 700hp."

untitled image

This section of the article is also brilliantly written ...

"As a tool for setting fast lap times (try low 1.12’s around Mallala) and covering ground quickly, Seb’s GTR is like nothing else on this planet. Our in-car footage recorded 1g of lateral acceleration off the line, and a 0-100 time of 2.8 seconds. That is simply astonishing; those sorts of figures were the reserve of dedicated open wheel racecars less than a decade ago, and this in a car that can be driven on the public road. But the fun in this car is what you can do with it; the car itself is simply a tool for completing a job. In terms of pure enjoyment, the R35 is no more fun to drive than an old classic roadster with big Weber carbies. But for those rare occasions when you can really unleash it, it will simply blow you away. And that, in itself, is enough of a reason for me."

Congrats on a great article Andrew.

Check out the full article at Any Given Reason, the article on our site about the car, and the page of videos of the car at the links below ...

Article on Any Given Reason ...

You can find The Tuners Group's article about the car in our customer cars gallery ...

You can view incar video of the car here ...

created on 2013-03-15 by TTG.

The Tuners Group appointed as exclusive representatives for St. Cross Electronics

untitled image

untitled image

The Tuners Group is very pleased to announce our appointment as the exclusive representatives in Australia and New Zealand for St. Cross Electronics.

Formed in 1983, with over 30 years experience, and based in Southampton in the United Kingdom, St. Cross Electronics is dedicated to the manufacture and supply of cable harness assemblies offering our customers the complete interconnect solution and precision built motorsport electronics products.

St. Cross Electronics are one of Europe's leading cable assembly and cable harness manufacturers, in addition to being the developers of and manufacturers of the cutting edge St. Cross Electronics FISW-X Steering Wheel.

Quality is KEY! This is an easy catchphrase for some, but for St. Cross that has been our motto for 30 years. Without quality we understand we do not have a business. You are only as good as your last delivery. We have held ISO approval since 1990 and hold the coveted UL approval. Everything we produce is 100% electrically tested and inspected so you have the confidence to use straight from delivery.

untitled image

Adam Richardson, Managing Director of The Tuners Group said of the new arrangements with St. Cross Electronics ...

"We are absolutely delighted to be able to announce these arrangements with St Cross Electronics ...

In the motorsport industry there are two kinds of companies in terms of quality ... those who 'get it' and those who don't. St. Cross Electronics lives and breathes quality, innovation and precision every day, and that shows incredibly clearly in every product they develop and manufacture.

Our customers and the industry as a whole know that The Tuners Group stands for innovation and quality and that we only represent manufacturers who share our vision in that regard. Both St. Cross Electronics as a company of extremely dedicated and hard working people, and St. Cross' amazing products are an ideal fit for us.

We know that our customers are going to love these products, and to our customers I say 'you are going to love the attention to detail, quality, innovation and precision that every St. Cross Electronics product has in it's DNA.' "

untitled image

Dax Ward, CEO of St. Cross Electronics, commented on the new arrangements with The Tuners Group ...

"Appointing The Tuners Group as exclusive representatives for us in Australia and New Zealand was a very easy choice for us.

Adam and and his team at The Tuners Group represent what St Cross Electronics stands for. They understand quality is a must, they are highly motivated, and offer fantastic customer support.

I am looking forward to a long and successful partnership and seeing our name grow in an area of the world that has such a passion for all types of motorsport."

Click here to learn more about St. Cross Electronics and their highly innovative products ...

created on 2013-01-09 by TTG.

The Largest Wind Tunnel In The World

NASA has published a very interesting article titled "25 Years With The Largest Wind Tunnel In The World" with a set of photos of the world's largest wind tunnel at NASA Ames in California.

With a massive 80-foot-by-120-foot test section, the tunnel is big enough to test a Boeing 737, and with maximum wind speeds of 300 knots (345 mph) for the smaller test section, and 100 knots (115 mph) for the large test section, the tunnel is an incredible facility.

Click here to read the full article and view the photos ...

created on 2013-01-03 by TTG.

Video - Road registered Porsche 962C in Japan

untitled image

Because a Porsche 962C is really a perfect car for the street.

Click here to watch the video ...

created on 2012-10-10 by TTG.

Works Bell Steering Wheel Quick Release Sale On Now - Save Big !

untitled image Works Bell Rapfix GTC HybridWorks Bell Rapfix GTC Hybrid Works Bell Rapfix II Quick Release - black versionWorks Bell Rapfix II Quick Release - black version Works Bell Rapfix GTC - Silver VersionWorks Bell Rapfix GTC - Silver Version untitled image

Due to a change in the Japanese Yen exchange rate, we are passing on the saving to our customers with very special sale pricing on some models of the world reknowned Works Bell steering wheel quick releases for a limited time.

The world reknowned detachable Rapfix II Quick Release, the tilting Works Bell Rapfix GTC and the tilting Rapfix GTC Hybrid quick release with it's glove friendly release handle are all on sale.

Our special sale prices are well below the Japanese tax inc retail prices.

This special sale pricing is only available for a limited time, so if you want to grab one for your car, click on the links below and place your order while this special sale is on.

Detachable Rapfix II ...

Tilting Rapfix GTC ...

Tilting Rapfix GTC Hybrid ...

created on 2012-10-06 by TTG.

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