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The Tuners Group Nissan Silvia S14A World Time Attack Challenge Project

Concept sketch of the S14A Project - click to enlarge. Image Credit: Claudio CapozziConcept sketch of the S14A Project - click to enlarge. Image Credit: Claudio Capozzi

The last few weeks rumours have been circulating in Australia about a widebody monster time attack car with JGTC / DTM style aero being built in Sydney for the World Time Attack Challenge.

We can proudly confirm today that the rumours are true. We know this because we've been working behind the scenes with this project and we are sponsoring the car.

The car is based on a Nissan Silvia S14A. It is being built for the top level Pro Class at the World Time Attack Challenge.

The car is sponsored by The Tuners Group as a primary sponsor of the car.

Works Bell is also providing various Works Bell parts for the car. The Tuners Group is the Australian distributor for Works Bell.

Via our Racecar Engineering & Development Team, The Tuners Group is providing engineering and aero assistance, as well as giving the owner of the car access to our many years of experience with various racing categories as well as Time Attack cars.

The chassis and bodywork fabrication is being carried out in Sydney by Magic Autoworks who are also a primary sponsor of the car.

The car has been in the planning stages for a long time and a huge amount of work has been going on in planning the build, parts selection etc.

As you can see from the design sketch above by the cars owner, this car is a no compromise time attack car. The car is so low that humps are required above the front guards and bonnet to allow clearance for the front wheels.

Rear wing, wheelwell vents and rear diffuser on the Panspeed RX-7 at 2010 World Time Attack ChallengeRear wing, wheelwell vents and rear diffuser on the Panspeed RX-7 at 2010 World Time Attack Challenge

The car will be rear wheel drive, so it will be up against iconic cars like the Panspeed RX-7 and R-Magic RX-7 which ran in WTAC 2010 in the battle for rear wheel drive supremacy.

We are very excited about this project, and would love to be able post more details, but of course since we maintain confidentiality on technical details of all the projects we're involved with, at this stage the design sketch is all that we are giving away. Further info will be announced during the build.

Once people see the end result of the S14A build they'll really understand how much work and planning has gone into the project from a number of people.

It's still quite early in the build and there's lot to get done, but this car is a great opportunity for us to put a whole lot of things that we've learnt over the years in various categories of racing, and things that are proven to work, onto one car in a clean sheet build.

untitled image

This project will draw on a lot of our experience with Japanese cars, Porsches and even some open wheeler concepts, so it'll be pretty radical compared to a typical track car build.

This car will take a different approach to just bolting on the same parts everyone else uses and recreating what has already been done before, and the car's owner is on board with that strategy.

If you want to push the envelope, you have to innnovate, do things differently to what everyone else is doing, and do things that work, and this project has that element in spades ... as everyone will see in coming weeks.

Kakavas Racing Pro Class Subaru WRXKakavas Racing Pro Class Subaru WRX

Additionally as The Tuners Group also sponsors Mark Berry's Yokohama Advan R34 GT-R and the Kakavas Racing WRX (which are both Pro Class cars) we are going to be extremely busy in the leadup to the 2011 World Time Attack Challenge and at the event itself.

Best of all, the 2011 World Time Attack Challenge rules have just been published, so now we know what we can do ruleswise and can get on with it.

The first batch of parts for the S14A are on the plane from Japan and will arrive this week.

Electric Contact Kit installed on Rapfix Racing Weld On Quick ReleaseElectric Contact Kit installed on Rapfix Racing Weld On Quick Release untitled image

The car will be running a Works Bell Original Steering Wheel, and a Works Bell Rapfix Racing Steering Quick Release.

The car will also be running the new Works Bell Electrical Contact Kit for the Rapfix Racing which allows for 12 electrical connections for steering wheel mounted buttons, switches etc.

The car is currently having the bodywork shaping done in foam, with molds then to be made from the foamed panels. This extensive bodywork required the purchase of $5,000 worth of molding foam - an indication of the serious nature and attention to detail of this project.

Once the bodywork molding is complete, the next stage will be to build the rollcage, which is scheduled to begin in the next few days.

We'll be updating our blog with progress photos etc as the build progresses, so if you want to see what goes into building a Pro Class World Time Attack Challenge car from the ground up, subscribe to our TunerWire email newsletter by clicking here ...

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How to keep updated with the build

The S14A build is being covered in our TunerWire Live blog.

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