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Aquamist HFS4 Water Injection Systems Now Available

The Aquamist HFS3 Water Injection SystemThe Aquamist HFS3 Water Injection System

Since the introduction of Water Injection Systems with fuel flow tracking by Aquamist in 2003, this method has truly earned its position in the performance industry as the most effective method to meter water/methanol flow for delivering predictable and consistent power.

In order to keep up to date with the fast pace of direct injection (Di) systems, we have refined the engine load detection circuitry to extract and process more engine load information. The newly revised algorithm of the HFS-4 reads fuel-IDC, high pressure fuel-line pressure and manifold pressure (boost).

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created on 2013-04-11 02:06:27 by TTG

updated on 2013-04-11 02:11:34