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Man builds Lamborghini Countach replica from scratch in his basement

untitled image

What do you do if you want a Lamborghini but like most of us don't have the cash to buy one ?

Well if you're Ken Imhoff of KI Engineering, the answer to that question is simple - you build yourself one by hand from scratch !

As reported by Jalopnik in their coverage of this story at ...

"Seventeen years ago, Ken Imhoff watched Cannonball Run and became so enamored with the Lamborghini Countach in the film, he hand-built his own, in his basement.

In what we imagine might be the most Jalopnik build ever undertaken, Ken designed and fabricated his own tig-welded frame, installed a thoroughly massaged 351 cubic inch V8 with a ZF-25 5-speed transmission, hand-formed the aluminum body over a meticulously measured and accurate body form, and finished it all off in a beautiful metallic gray.

It took Ken 10 years to complete the project, and the results — as you can see both in the gallery and in the video below the jump — are amazing. There's only one problem, when you build a car in a basement — how do you get it out? ...

Ken went into the project fully aware of the problem of a getting the car out of his basement — it was your classic ship-in-a-bottle project problem. When the faux Lambo was complete, he actually hired a contractor to knock out a part of the basement wall, build an earthen ramp, and then drag the car out of its subterranean workshop."

Ken started by making a wooden buck ...

untitled image

... then a tube frame chassis ...

untitled image

... added a 351 cubic inch V8 ...

untitled image

... and hand formed all the panels himself ...

untitled image

The results are absolutely stunning - this is definitely not a kit car ...

untitled image untitled image

Read how he built it by clicking here

created on 2008-11-15 06:14:02 by adamr

updated on 2008-11-15 06:37:06