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Australian man granted patent for "circular transportation facilitation device"

There is a huge controversy raging in various areas of engineering at the moment about a class of patents being issued ... well ... for just about anything.

John Keogh, an Australian patent lawyer, decided it was time to expose the ludicrousness of the innovation patent process, so he filed a patent application and was granted an innovation patent for an invention he describes as the "circular transportation facilitation device."

Yes, Mr Keogh has been granted a patent for a device known to the rest of the world as "the wheel".

An article on CNN's website reads ...

"John Keogh wanted to prove the innovation patent system was flawed because submissions could be prepared without professional help and did not need to be examined by the Australian patent office.

The name should be changed to "Registered Innovation" to avoid confusion with standard patents, Keogh says.

"The patent office would be required to issue a patent for anything. All they're doing is putting a rubber stamp on it," the paper quoted Keogh as saying."

This is not one of those "urban legends". You can read Mr Keogh's extremely amusing patent application in it's entirity here ... (check out the diagram on page 4 of his patent application - it had us in absolute stitches !) ...

Amusingly, CNN's article concludes ...

"he has no plan to patent fire, crop rotation or other fundamental advances in civilization"

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