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The Tuners Group sponsored Pilatus R35 GT-R wins the Mt Alma Mile Hillclimb

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Nothing makes us happier than seeing our customers and the cars we sponsor winning big events against very competitive fields.

So it is with great pleasure that we congratulate Sebastian Lip who this weekend won the Mt Alma Mile Hillclimb in his Pilatus R35 GT-R sponsored by The Tuners Group, taking out the class win, and the outright win at the event.

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The Mount Alma Mile website reads ...

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The 1.6km track is the longest currently being used in SA, and plays host to SA's largest hill climbing field at 150 competitors. In the first two years, organisers were forced to turn hopeful competitors away due to filling the field before entries officially closed ...

The Mount Alma Mile Hillclimb runs a unique results system, which combines times from all runs to rank the competitors and decide on top 12 in both 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive vehicles.

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This system rewards consistent drivers with reliable vehicles, as one wrong move or a mechanical failure could put you out of the running."

So at this event, consistency and reliability are just as important as outright speed.

To make it to the top 12, your car has to be fast, consistent and reliable over 2 days of the event.

After each car has completed 5 runs, the top 12 from the 2WD and 4WD classes run off, and there is an elimination process until only the 3 fastest cars are left for a final shoot-out.

From here on it's all about outright speed.

The top 3 cars were Sebastian in the R35, Greg Keene in a Porsche 911 Turbo S, and Tristan Catford in a Mitsubishi Evo 9, with The Tuners Group sponsored R35 taking the class win, and the outright win.

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The Pilatus R35 is one of the most highly modifed R35 GT-R's not just in Australia, but arguably worldwide.

Featuring a range of modifications including an ARC intercooler from The Tuners Group, one of our detachable Works Bell paddle shifter quick release systems, carbon ceramic brakes, and a host of other high quality modifications, the car has been specifically built to win tarmac rallies.

The car has been developed in stages over the last few months, and has evolved over that time into a very very serious tarmac rally and track car.

Adam Richardson, Managing Director of The Tuners Group said about the car's win ...

"Congratulations to Sebastian on not only a great win at the event, but also for his overall approach to development of the car.

The Pilatus R35 is a great example of how taking a disciplined engineering approach to a car's development, getting advice from engineers who really know what they are doing, and only using high quality parts leads to winning events.

Sebastian has been very careful to only use well engineered high quality parts on the car like the ARC intercooler and Works Bell detachable paddle shifter system on the car.

Not only do high quality parts produce a car that is superior in quality, but high quality parts also help reliability and consistency, as well as outright speed.

The results speak for themselves."

See the links below for more info on this incredible car and how it was built.

In car video, photo galleries

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How we can help you go faster

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In addition to distributing some of the highest quality and most innovative parts on the planet, The Tuners Group also operates a Racecar Engineering and Development Team.

The team consists of senior racecar engineering experts with many many years of experience, who are available to help you plan and develop your car to achieve true success in motorsport.

Team members include extremely experienced race engineers and aerodynamics experts, and we also have a virtual wind tunnel CFD supercomputer cluster inhouse for aero development.

Our Engineering & Development Team can provide both professional racing teams and privateers with access to specialised engineering skills and knowledge which many teams do not have inhouse.

Click here for more info on our Racecar Engineering and Development Team ...

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