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Sierra Sierra Smashes Buttonwillow Track Record by 2.3 seconds. Is a 1.28.xx at the 2011 World Time Attack Challenge Possible ?

Sierra Sierra during their final session on Saturday afternoon at WTAC 2010Sierra Sierra during their final session on Saturday afternoon at WTAC 2010

A huge congratulations to Time Attack team Sierra Sierra who have smashed the lap record at Buttonwillow.

To put their incredible lap time into perspective, back in 2007, the lap record was 1.48.76.

In '07 the HKS CT230R rocked up at Buttonwillow and Noboteru Tanaguchi cranked out a 1.43.52, which destroyed the lap record by more than five seconds.

On March 28, Sierra Sierra ran a 1:43.34 to beat the old HKS CT230R record.

The Sierra Sierra team and Eric Hsu have clearly been very hard at work on the car since March, as the car has now posted an incredible 1:41.046 to beat their March record by a massive 2.3 seconds.

Well done to the team, Eric and Cosworth (Eric is from Cosworth and is deeply involved with the development of the Sierra Sierra Evo).

Eric Hsu wrote about the record on ...

untitled image

Earlier today at the Source Interlink 2010 Superlap Battle, we (team Sierra Sierra) smashed the previous Buttonwillow CW13 time attack lap record with a 1:41.046 lap time.

Emp cranked out this damn near perfect lap in the Sierra Sierra EVO 8 (Christine) during his very first hot lap in the first time attack session today. ...

We tried a larger turbo that we've never run on track before in the 2nd time attack session so I had to freestyle the ECU tuning ...

Then we backed up our quick lap in the third and last time attack session with a 1:41.185 (we need a bit more track time with the larger turbo for evaluation).

That once, seemingly unattainable old Taniguchi/HKS CT230R EVO record of 1:43.527 is easy for us now.

I remember watching how smooth and effortless Taniguchi executed the 1:43.527 back in 2007. That's how it looked when Emp dished out the 1:41.046 in Christine this morning.

untitled image

In fact, Emp cranked out a 1:47.xx during a WARM UP lap on only half warm tires and brakes with less than 2 seconds of accumulated full throttle.

Implications for the 2011 World Time Attack Challenge

Think the CyberEVO guys were happy about the win ? You betcha !Think the CyberEVO guys were happy about the win ? You betcha !

At the 2010 World Time Attack Challenge, the Cyber Evo won the event with a 1.30.587 lap time. Sierra Sierra placed second with a 1.31.884, so there was a margin of 1.297 seconds.

A few days ago we predicted on one of the forums we sponsor that a winning time at the 2011 World Time Attack Challenge of 1.29.xx is very feasible.

Given that Sierra Sierra's new lap record at Buttonwillow is 2.3 seconds faster than their March lap time, with a March lap time of 1:43.34, their new time is approximately 2.2% faster.

If you assume hypothetically that the same 2.2% improvement can be applied to Eastern Creek, then when you apply a 2.2% lap time improvement to Sierra Sierra's lap time at Eastern Creek at the 2010 World Time Attack Challenge, you end up with a projected potential lap time of just 1 min 29.86 seconds. (91.884 seconds x .978)

That is 2.02 seconds faster than Sierra Sierra ran at Eastern Creek in 2010, and 0.727 seconds faster than the Cyber Evo ran at that event.

So there are two key questions in all this:

  1. How much more time can Sierra Sierra find between now and World Time Attack Challenge 2011 in August ? and

  2. How much more time can the Cyber Evo find by August ?

The stage is setting up for a truly epic battle between these two teams.

And the bar has just been raised even higher for the Australian and overseas teams wanting to be competitive with the Cyber Evo and Sierra Sierra.

We believe that the question now is not "can anyone break into the 1.29's ?" but may in fact be "how deep into the 1.29's can they go ?"

And that raises another very interesting question ...

Given that Sierra Sierra have found a 2.2% improvement at Buttonwillow since March, what would happen if a similar 2.2% improvement was achieved by the Cyber Evo compared to it's 2010 World Time Attack Challenge time ?

A 2.2% improvement on the Cyber Evo over it's 2010 World Time Attack Challenge time of 1.30.587 would see the Cyber Evo posting a lap time at Eastern Creek of an otherworldly 1 min 28.594 seconds. (You can check the maths yourself ... 90.587 seconds x .978 = 88.594 seconds = 1 min 28.594 s.)

Given that the Cyber Evo ran a 1.30.587 in 2010, they wouldn't need the full 2.2% improvement to be in the 1.28's. A 1.8% improvement by the Cyber Evo would see it posting a 1 Min 28.956 lap. (90.587 seconds x .982 = 88.956 s = 1 min 28.956 seconds)

At this level, a 2.2% improvement is monumental and a testament to the fantastic achievement by Sierra Sierra.

Can a car like the Cyber Evo that is already so heavily developed be improved by 1.8% to skip the 1.29's and break straight into the 1.28's ? If it can be done, the guys behind the Cyber Evo clearly have the skills, experience and wind tunnel access to do it.

To get an idea of just how fast a 1.29.xx is at Eastern Creek, check out this video of the Sierra Sierra Evo at Eastern Creek breaking into the 1.32's ...

... then subtract around 3 seconds ...

created on 2010-12-10 08:30:52 by TTG

updated on 2011-05-10 13:34:11