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Alex Zanardi Tribute Video

This video is a tribute to the incredible driving talent of Alex Zanardi.

He was truly the "last of the late brakers", and his incredible ability to brake extremely late and pull off mindblowing last minute passes (often sliding with all four wheels locked up, up the inside of his competitors) is something that is unfortunately missing in many forms of professional motorsport today.

For the younger people reading this, Zanardi drove like this at a time when many classes of top class racing were becoming processional and seeing an overtaking manouvre in many racing classes of racing was a rarity.

He injected an incredible amount of excitement back into the sport at a time when it was most needed.

Alex Zanardi - we salute you !

This video of him below on the last lap at Laguna Seca in '96 really shows the kind of excitement he brought to IndyCar racing. That corner called is called "The Corkscrew" and drops 20 metres of height in 7 metres of length mid corner. The entry to The Corkscrew is blind and you have to aim at a tree. It is so steep that in the wet it is almost impossible to walk up it. Having been there in person, it is many times steeper than it looks on TV and in photos.

An interview of Zanardi with David Letterman following his accident can be viewed below
Click here for part 1
Click here for part 2

created on 2007-12-11 16:01:18 by adamr